Posted by William, a Criminal Defense client,

Paul McMahon worked with me for about 7 months on my case. Paul worked with me on a payment plan and his price was good, considering the trouble I had gotten into. Paul never made me any promises about the judgments that would occur. Paul got 3 misdemeanors dismissed and was able to get me enrolled in veterans court. Upon completion of veterans court my felony will be dismissed. Paul never treated me with any bias and always treated me with the utmost respect and fairness. I have already recommended him to other people that I know got into trouble. I would recommend him to anyone.

Posted by Judith, a Divorce client,

Attorney McMahon has been an outstanding lawyer! He began the complicated and difficult job of representing me for my divorce by being hired over the phone for a pre-divorce matter. I did some review reading and researching, via the internet, when I was informed I needed a lawer in Phelps county to represent me for a divorce jurisdictional hearing. I am located 1500 miles from where this hearing needed to take place. All I had to go on was what people had written about his services and the thoroughness of his website. I picked up the phone after a few hours of searching key words like "Divorce", "Aggressive", and "Experienced" in many search engines--and dialed his office number. I was nervous and anxious about hiring a lawyer via the telephone. I had no real knowledge of divorce or jurisdictional issues or even what my rights were. There was so much of my life riding on this one phone call. Attorney McMahon called me back almost immediately!! He was personable and got right to the business of circumstances prompting my need for representation. We talked at length and I didn't feel rushed or uneasy answering his questions. He asked me lots of questions and I answered each one the best I could. He took the time to make sure he could help me. By the time we ended that very first phone call, I was certain I had made a VERY WISE choice. He worked the jurisdictional issue for me and then I asked him to represent me- LONG DISTANCE- in my actual divorce. A year+ later, I continue to be certain that I made the best choice possible because this lawyer has been tireless. I have since had to deal with 1/2 a dozen hearings and have had to make the trip to Rolla twice. It's an amazing thing when a lawyer can be just as effective with his client in person as he can be over the phone. I have never felt like I was at a disadvantage because I am so far away. The 6-8 office meetings have been just as informative and thorough as the countless hours of phone meetings. He is a marvel and I can't stress enough that this was the best decision I could possibly have made. He has been smart, aggressive on my behalf, knowledgeable and detail oriented. He has always been patient as he guided me through the process of filing motions and gathering information for my extremely difficult and complicated divorce proceeding. His hard work and attention to paperwork detail makes it easy to trust him completely. I never feel like he is unreachable or inaccessable. He has never missed a chance to make my case stronger or taken an easy way around the mountains of motions and filings. This is a very busy lawyer but he seems to be able to fit 32 hours into every 24 and because he chooses to work so hard for his clients and has a work ethic that is above reproach, I am positive that I have had the best representation that I could have found. My divorce has taken over a year and even now, Attorney McMahon works hard for me. This lawyer has done everything he can for me and through out the entire process, I have felt professionally and "personally" represented. The only constant in all of this mess, the only really dependable thing during the horrific ordeal that has been the end of my decades long marriage, has been the lawyer in my corner....Paul McMahon.