Alimony Attorney And Counselor At Law

When it comes to spousal maintenance in the Rolla, Missouri, area, courts look to laws set out in elaborate state statutes. Our firm, McMahon Legal Services, will stand with you to ensure your rights are protected during this process.

Protecting Your Rights When It Comes To Spousal Maintenance

Do not leave yourself at the mercy of complicated laws and detailed procedural rules. Our firm's lawyer, Paul J. McMahon, works with each of our clients in a traditional attorney-client setting.

This traditional setting means he works with you one-on-one. You will work with attorney Paul J. McMahon, not an associate attorney or staff member you have never met. Doing so enables him to deliver individually tailored legal advice and representation responsive to the unique circumstances of your own case.

Seasoned Legal Judgment In Difficult Personal Matters

Attorney McMahon has committed his career to assisting people facing the most difficult decisions of their lives. These decisions are routinely made in sensitive matters involving delicate family relationships.

For that reason, clients appreciate that attorney McMahon has structured our firm to maximize his accessibility to clients. Clients appreciate that when they need to contact attorney McMahon, they can.

Schedule A Complimentary Initial Appointment Today

When advising our firm's clients, attorney McMahon takes seriously his role as a counselor at law. You can schedule your initial consult by calling us at 800-398-1714 or by reaching us via email. We maintain strict confidentiality with respect to all initial consults.