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Too few clients in the Rolla, Missouri, area entirely understand how to protect their rights when it comes to child custody and visitation. As a result, they leave their relationships with their children at the mercy of other caregivers who might be uncooperative.

You do not have to leave your rights to chance when it comes to spending time with your child. Instead, let McMahon Legal Services, LLC., help you understand all of your legal options and how to protect your rights with authority.

Helping Loving Parents To Be Involved In Their Children's Lives

Even if you have signed an acknowledgement of paternity, this acknowledgement provides you with no rights when it comes to visiting your child. It also provides you with no right to be involved in decisions concerning your child's health care, education or religious upbringing.

To legally create and protect those rights, you can work with our firm's attorney, Paul J. McMahon. On your behalf, he will petition the court for the time you deserve with your child.

Attorney McMahon holds more than a decade of experience in assisting clients with their most pressing legal concerns. He spent five of those 10 years as a public defender, protecting the civil liberties of clients in negotiations and at trial. He brings this same level of tenacity to his clients' child custody and visitation disputes.

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Call us today at 800-398-1714 or contact us online to make an appointment. Attorney McMahon works with all of his clients in a one-on-one personalized setting.

As a result, he takes the time to understand the unique facts in your case that a less personalized approach might overlook. These details can often mean the difference between a successful case and an unsuccessful one. All consultations are kept entirely confidential.