Family Law

Ending a marriage is one of the most stressful experiences a person goes through. There is no way around that, but hiring an experienced divorce lawyer who will protect your interests is the best way to minimize your stress and move quickly through the process.

I am Paul McMahon, the founder of McMahon Legal Services, LLC., in Rolla, Missouri. I am a compassionate family law attorney who provides effective and affordable legal representation in a wide variety of areas, including:

In divorce cases, you are setting the future course for yourself and your children. I am an attorney who understands the long-term impact of these issues. I take the time to truly understand your goals, and I keep you informed throughout the process so we can make decisions together.

I always aim for resolving cases as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, but I do not rush to a resolution when it is not in the best interest of a client. Avoiding litigation usually is best for everyone involved, but I am comfortable going to court to advocate for a client when a fair settlement cannot be reached.

Mediation Reduces Stress And Costs Less
Missouri requires mediation or participation in the Special Masters Program as part of the divorce process. In these methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), both parties work with a trained facilitator to reach an agreement. Reaching resolutions in ADR allows you to keep more control over the important decisions that need to be made. I am happy to help my clients in this process.

Family law issues also pop up long after a divorce is completed. A change in job, marital status or other life situation may require you to change an aspect of your original divorce order. I can lead you through this process in the same thorough and efficient manner that I bring to every case I handle.

Phelps County Divorce Attorney

If you are facing divorce and want a Rolla, Missouri, family law attorney who takes the time to understand your goals rather than follow a formulaic approach, call 800-398-1714 or email us to schedule an appointment.