Rolla, Missouri, DWI Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with DWI in Missouri, you face more than criminal charges with the potential for fines and jail time. You also face a civil proceeding to suspend or revoke your driver's license.

At McMahon Legal Services, LLC., in Rolla, Missouri, we provide experienced, aggressive DWI defense in both the criminal hearing and the administrative hearing to challenge your license suspension. We investigate all aspects of your case and work to help you retain your license by challenging the state's evidence. The same review may help us get your criminal charges reduced or dismissed.

You can keep your driver's license. It is essential that you contact a DWI defense attorney as soon as possible after your arrest because Missouri law allows you only 15 days to request an administrative hearing before your driver's license is automatically suspended or revoked.

We use our knowledge of the blood alcohol content (BAC) breath-testing machines used by Missouri law enforcement officials to determine whether there were any issues with the breath-testing device or how it was used during an arrest. A challenge on the admissibility of the breath-testing device has resulted in reduced charges in some cases and the complete dismissal of charges in others.

If your license suspension is upheld, you may be eligible for a limited driver's license that allows you to drive to and from work. A motorist who has not retained a lawyer is significantly disadvantaged in this regard. I have extensive experience negotiating with state prosecutors to get charges reduced.

Hire A Phelps County DUI Arrest Lawyer Who Can Work To Save Your Driver's License

If you have questions for a DUI/DWI defense lawyer, call our Rolla, Missouri, office at 800-398-1714. You can meet with a Rolla, Missouri, DWI defense attorney and get an honest assessment of the likelihood that the charges can be reduced or dropped completely.